Pacific Rim Registry Specialists


  1. Code of the FSM, 2014 Edition (Annotated)
  2. Company Law (on Corporate Registry)
    1. New corporations law, PL 20-35
    2. Corporate Registry Regulations
    3. Response from the Register of Corporations to a query raised by MRA regarding the policy of disclosure of the information of registered corporation of the Registrar of Corporations, 21 Feb 2012.
  3. Corporate Income Tax Law
    1. Corporate Income Tax Law

      CHAPTER 3: Income Tax Regime for FSM Corporations

      Corporate Income Tax Law is provided in Chapter 3 of Title 54 of the Federated States of Micronesia Code (Article 311 through Article 378).  The Corporate Income Tax Law of the above link incorporates laws passed up to the 17th Congress of 2014.

    2. CIT amendment PL 18-103
      (tax on a branch in the FSM of a foreign corporation)
    3. CIT amendment PL 20-158 (elimination of interim tax)
    4. CIT amendment PL 21-09 (graduated tax)
    5. Appraisal Law PL 20-100 eff 20Jul18
    6. Corporate Income Tax Regulations (English version) (As of June 1, 2015)
    7. Corporate Income Tax Regulations (Japanese translation) (As of June 1, 2015)
    8. Tax information sharing (GF-OECD) PL 19-143 signed 6Feb17
    9. Tax Ruling 18-01 Dissolution after transfer
    10. Tax Ruling 18-02 Dissolution
    11. Tax Ruling 18-03 Converting
    12. Tax Ruling 18-04 Mergers
  4. Captive Insurance
    1. Captive Insurance Act (FSM Code Title 37 Chapter 10)
    2. Amendment PL 21-49 (Minimum capital for captive insurance companies)
    3. Amendment PL 21-65
    4. FSM Captive Insurance Regulations
    5. Amendment on Solvency Regulation
  5. Venture Funds Law
    1. Venture Funds Law

      Corporate Insurance Act is provided in Chapter 4 of Title 30 of the Federated States of Micronesia Code (Article 401 through Article 425).  The Corporate Income Tax Law of the above link incorporates laws passed up to the 17th Congress of 2014.

    2. Amendment to Venture Funds Law, PL18-124, signed May 8, 2015

      This is the latest Public Law Bill passed at the 18th Congress of 2014.  The Venture Fund Law referred in (1) above plus this Public Law Bill is the latest version of FSM’s Venture Funds Law as of June 1, 2015.

  6.  Foreign Investment Laws and Other State Laws
    1. FSM Foreign Investment Law, FSM Code Title 32 Chapter 2
      1. PL 14-32 National Government's Foreign Investment Law 2Nov05
      2. FSM Foreign Investment Regulations
    2. Other States Laws
      1. Pohnpei:
        1. State of Pohnpei Foreign Investment Law
        2. State of Pohnpei Notice of Regulations
        3. State of Pohnpei Foreign Investment Guide
        4. State of Pohnpei Partnership Law
      2. Chuuk:
        1. Chuuk Foreign  Investment  Law 
      3. Yap
        1. Yap Foreign  Investment Regulations
        2. State of Yap Partnership Law
      4.  Kosrae
        1. State of Kosrae Foreign Investment Regulations


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