FSM has passed a new law

“In the fall of 2020 the FSM government passed a new law which allows existing captive insurance companies in the FSM to apply to the Insurance Commissioner to place its insurance license in a dormant status. This law is consistent with many other domiciles in the U.S., Europe and Asia.”

FSM COVID-19 update

Federated Stated of Micronesia (FSM)
LATEST UPDATES as of November 11, 2020



Travels Restrictions Extended to November 30th, 2020: No date yet for Repatriation Flights
•The Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) has no confirmed COVID-19 cases within its borders
•United Airlines Full Island Hopper Service (Guam-Chuuk-Pohnpei-Kosrae-Kwajalein-Honolulu) will serve the FSM approximately twice per month for departing passengers only. (Check United Airlines for updated information)
•Travelers should be prepared for the possibility that United Airlines could reduce/suspend service to the FSM on short notice.

Captive Insurance Council will hold a webinar

Nov 17. 2020 / Miscellaneous
Captive Insurance Council will hold a webinar

Captive Insurance Council (CIC) will hold a “FSM Captive Insurance Webinar” on November 18, 2020 13:30pm (2hrs)
Live message from President Panuelo followed by many Captive Specialists discuss hot topics and tax advisor will speak about Captive Insurance with CFC rules and more.